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Areas Of Work


We offer a service providing legal advice, practical assistance and in-court representation to those wishing to make or defend Small Claims, valued at £10,000 or less. We can also help with Employment Tribunal Defence work.  Please get in touch for details.

Civil Procedure

The kinds of matters we are able to assist with include:

Breach of contract: faulty goods; poor quality services provided; Landlord and Tenant; failed holidays; mobile phone overcharging

Professional Negligence: unsatisfactory legal services; failed accountancy work; other failures of professional services

Nuisance: losses caused by construction work; flooding or pollution; noise pollution

Damages: non-personal-injury vehicle damages; loss of no-claims bonus; neighbour disputes; damaged clothing or possessions

These are just examples – if your claim is for £10,000 or less, we may be able to help.

Currently we do not carry out work in any of the following areas:

–        Personal Injury

–        Financial Products and Services

–        Employment Claims

–        Criminal Injuries Compensation

–        Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

–        Housing Disrepair

We are only able to assist with civil (non-criminal) matters.

Whatever the nature of your Small Claim or Defence, we’d be very happy to talk through the issues on the telephone in the first place, without further commitment.

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