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Consumer v Lloyds TSB Bank plc

Consumer Protection: the Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Credit Act

A claim was brought by a consumer who had purchased an Arai motorcycle helmet from the motorcycle apparel supplier Hein Gericke, via a Lloyds TSB Bank plc credit card.

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Brent Council v Social Tenant

Housing Act 1988

A social housing tenant was facing eviction under the Housing Act 1988, Schedule II, Ground 8, for a failure to pay rent that was due and for a failure to repay outstanding rent on the terms previously agreed with the landlord.

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IT Contractor v Software Company

Breach of Contract

The IT contractor was our client who had not been paid several thousand pounds by the Software Company on the basis that the end user client had cancelled its contract with the Software Company.

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Motorist v Breakdown Recovery Company

Breach of Contract; Misrepresentation; Default Judgment

The motorist had been promised over the telephone that his car would be recovered within 60 to 90 minutes for a charge of £165. After repeated phone calls and excuses for the delay, the tow truck eventually arrived after just under three hours. As a matter of principal the motorist wanted at least some of his money back.

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