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Why Use Us

Why are we better than our direct competitors?

Briefcase Law is a small operation. We don’t bulk manage claims, or work with economies of scale. This means you’ll always be dealing with the advocate(s) assisting with your claim directly. When you call you’ll be put through directly to either Rupert Lipton or Steve Kennedy, and it’ll always be one of us on the other end of an email. We work this way because we are passionate about what we do, and it allows us to provide the best service for our clients.

Why would you want help from us rather than a barrister or solicitor?save money

It comes down to one simple thing – cost.

Do you need solicitors to take over your case and put it through the same process as they would for big business?  As long as the losing party pays, that’s OK, but in Small Claims, even if you win, any legal costs generally won’t be paid for by the other side – they’re down to YOU.

How are we able to be cheaper?

We do not take over your case as a solicitor and a barrister would – you remain an integral part of the legal action.

We do not start an expensive clock running– all the work that your case requires is completed for the same low cost hourly rate.

At Briefcase Law we do not pay secretaries, we do not pay typists, we do not pay clerks.  We do all the work ourselves to minimise your costs.  We type your particulars, we draft your witness statements, and we attend court with you.  In this way we can reduce the costs that other law firms incur, and we pass that saving on to you.  The added benefit is that you receive a truly personal service from day one of your claim.


What does this mean for the kind of work we will do for you?

Where necessary, we will write letters, help you fill in forms, draft statements and any other materials required, although court materials will need to be signed by you.

Working together we will make sure that everything is done that needs to be done and that it is done to the standard that the Courts expect.

Your legal action is unique and still requires legal judgements to be made.  Ours is NOT a template process or based around information packs.  It remains a one to one service with a qualified lawyer.